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Essential Web Presence

Once upon a time all a businesses needed to operate was a pen, paper, and word of mouth. Gradually with advances in technology - and competition - things changed. Businesses soon needed telephones, adding machines, photo copiers, and yellow page advertising. Today a business can barely survive without a computer, fax machine, email... and a website.

Information and affirmation.

Want to know about a particular business? Look them up on the web. A business without an internet presence is viewed by some as unprofessional, lacking organization, and behind the times. How would you react if you ran across an organization without a telephone? In 5 years that is how a business without a website will be viewed. Why not be ahead of the curve instead of behind?

Accessibility: no site is better than a poorly designed site.

Perhaps you thought you would save a couple bucks by buying a copy of FrontPage and doing it yourself? Maybe your 13 year old nephew begged to take a crack at it. Keep in mind that your website carries the first impression of your business that many people will see. If your website functions improperly or is disorganized, the surfer will assume your orgainization must suffer the same! Accessibility is the key. You want the maximum number of surfers to view your site in as many different mediums as possible. I can make it work.

I want to help.

I want to make the web a beautiful, accessbile, and affordable place. I also want to create a friendly, understanding working environment for my clients. I understand that you know your business like the back of your hand but may need your hand held when it comes to the internet. No problem! There are no stupid questions. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Customer service is paramount to me. If you have a problem, I have a problem. If you have a question I have an answer - simple as that.