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I created a complete shopping cart system, image gallery and backend system for a Seattle area phptographers online site. KeatleyWeddings.com Image gallery and shopping cart.

I created a web presence for a Florida Arborist to show off his talents.
Clients site created July 03.

A fun little project completed for a media class at Bellevue Community College while working towards my degree in Web Design & Development.
Media 101 Final
Motion Pictures & Special Effects
Final Project
This is my favorite project of all time. I used SMIL to create this movie of my pride & joy!
This is my favorite class project of all.

This site runs an excellent script called Auction-Script to create an online store for our leftover eBay merchandise! LadybugBoutique Auctions
Online Clothing Auctions with a modified Auction-Script.

Adaptation of a popular script for use by Real Estate agents.
RealtySite.com is a site where I am adapting the Open Realty script.