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These are links to some of the work that I have completed while enrolled in the 'Web Design and Development' Degree program at Bellevue Community College.

The War on Terrorism
Javascript Form Validation
Site Design for Touring Band
Personal Portfolio Version 1
Javascript Interactive Story
Javascript Form Submission
Javascript Image Manipulation
Javascript Cookies
Javascript Image Puzzle
Personal Portfolio version 2
Tables and Cut Images
Javascript and special Effects
Drawing and Premiere Animation
Time Lapse and Premiere Animation
Drawing and Flash Animation
Swift 3D Bouncing Ball
Quicktime movie created in Premiere
SMIL Movie Clip
Flash Movie Tutorial
Flash Demonstration Movie
Flash Choose your own Adventure
Flash Site Plan
Flash Puzzle Movie
Flash Car Pitch
Flash Order Form Version 1
Flash Order Form Version 2
Flash Coffee House Shopping Cart Version 1
Flash Coffee House Shopping Cart Version 2
Flash Order and Checkout
Flash using XML Database
Display Thumbnails from an XML database in Flash
Real Estate Web Site using Flash and XML